Julie Le Clerc has a unique and versatile range of delicious savoury preserves produced in collaboration with Sabato (NZ) Ltd. These condiments are available from selected stores in New Zealand or can be purchased by mail order, see

Moroccan Chutney  - aromatic and spicy, try it spooned over pan-fried fresh fish or chicken. Great with cheeses and cold meats.

Preserved Lemons - authentic Moroccan preserved lemons perfect for tagines, couscous or salads.

Spicy Harissa - traditional, highly-spiced chilli condiment; blend into dressings, marinades, tagines, soups and couscous.

Beetroot Salsa - deep purple beetroot with a touch of orange, serve with roast chicken or pork, BBQ or grilled steak, fab on a burger of any kind. 

Capsicum Chilli Jam - warm and silky, toss it through stir-fried vegetables, or serve as a condiment with pies, cheese, or meats.

Balsamic Honey Mustard - seed mustard condiment with great flavour and texture; add to dressings or marinades, spread on sandwiches, or use to glaze a traditional ham.

Arabian Date Chutney - well balanced blend of fruit and fragrant spices, with a kick of ginger. Wonderful with a variety of cheeses, oastrt tarts, and meats.

Smoked Paprika Tomato Sauce - a smooth tomato sauce with delicious smokey barbecue flavours. Many varied uses - for superior flavour, dollop it on in place of standard tomato sauce.