Julie Le Clerc is an award-winning author of 14 cookbooks and two compilations. Julie’s books are bursting with original recipes and a unique style of presentation that illustrate her passion for food and her love of dishes full of flavour, texture and colour. Her café series recounts her time in the café kitchen with recipes that evoke the ambience of café life and encourage others to cook café-style food at home.

Beautiful photographs are important in cookbooks today and these books are full of mouth-watering shots. Julie enjoys styling her food for photography – a process that involves gathering and placing props and backdrops to form a picture. It also involves the art of food styling, which is cooking and arranging food for the camera so that it looks natural, edible and photogenic.

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Julie Le Clerc's Favourite Cakes
Made by Hand - Natural food to nourish and delight
Made in Morocco
Simple Cafe Food
At Home with Love

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Julie Le Clerc’s Favourite Cakes
Julie Le Clerc is well-known for creating innovative flavours and trusted recipes you can reply on. In this cookbook, Julie brings you her all-time favourite recipes from a lifte-time spent creating cakes. From divine chocolate cakes to gluten-free delights to celebrations cakes and cute little cakes – and everything in between – this is the ultimate book for any cake baker.
‘Good home-baked products are the most delicious but finding trusted recipes or stimulating ideas is not always easy. I know many home-cooks and professional bakers who are constantly searching for reliable, quality, inexpensive yet innovative recipes. That’s why I’m keen to share with you my ideas for easy-to-follow cake recipes that result in a variety of cakes, all with seriously good flavours.

Alongside her favourite cake recipes, Julie shares a wealth of cake-baking hints and tips and some hard-won advice. Plus, the inclusion of a handy conversion chart and essential notes chapter will help ensure success every time.

Made by Hand - natural food to nourish and delight         Made by Hand is bursting with recipes that use fresh, natural and easy-to-find ingredients. The concept behind these recipes is to help home cooks find healthier ways to enjoy their favourite foods without losing anything along the way.
‘This book is all about flavour, not sacrifice. Just because the food I am suggesting is natural, wholesome, light or gluten-free, does not mean it’s boring or tasteless. . .This book is about having your cake and eating it too. . . Food made by hand from natural ingredients definitely tastes superior. As a bonus, this sort of cooking is much better for us, as well.

Also conscious of the bigger picture, Julie shares some of her natural lifestyle tips in break-out sections: The Natural Pantry; Start a Kitchen Garden; Shop Smart, Recycle, Reuse; Be Organic-Savvy; The Good Oil; and Eco Cleaning.

Simple Café Food
All the colour and excitement of café-style eating has been captured within these pages. Julie Le Clerc gives you the opportunity to recreate the pleasures of stylish café food in your own kitchen.
Book Reviews
'In a market awash with cookbooks, Le Clerc’s sure feel for flavours, texture and colour offers easy food that is a pleasure to make and eat. Some of her favourite recipes in the book are her colourful and flavoursome salads. It is easy to see why. They had me out shopping for ingredients within a day of browsing through the pages.’ Waikato Times, Nov 1999

‘Simple Café Food is full of recipes that look and taste wonderful… Sometimes professional cooks can have you believing that it’s hard to keep up with their flair, but these recipes are delicious and made with product, which is easily found. A Charming book.’ Capital Times. Wellington, December 1999

Made in Morocco
Made in Morocco will take you on a journey of visual and sensual pleasures. Food writer Julie Le Clerc was totally beguiled by the sensual harmony of traditional Moroccan food. Dishes that are savoury yet sweet, enigmatically spiced and intricately aromatic to the nose; tagines, b’stilla, delicate breads infused with spice, honeycomb pancakes and myriad couscous dishes. Both Julie Le Clerc and John Bougen captured the spirit of this vibrant country with images that are unforgettable.
Awards Montana Book Awards 2005 – winner of the coveted Readers Choice Award

@ Home With Love
Julie’s immensely popular café @ home and feast @ home cookbooks are brought together in this single volume to offer more than two hundred of Julie’s uncomplicated and stylish recipes to savour with your family and friends. In this special edition bind-up of two books in one, Julie shows you how to bring the seductive flavours of café food to your own home and table with her signature flair. From warm family dinners to important occasions, with Julie’s tips and hints you can create a gorgeous, no-fuss feast that allows you to relax and indulge with the people you care about – at home, with love.

Café @ Home
Enjoy the casual atmosphere and delicious food of cafés in your own home. Café@home will help you to fill your house with the sights and smells associated with café eating. As well as wonderful food, Julie Le Clerc shares some of her secrets to give good and entertaining at home that special edge.
The focus is all about sharing relaxed and informal occasions with the people you care about. Pamper your family and friends!
Book Reviews
‘Julie is a whiz at introducing intriguing new flavours and combining ingredients that really work well together. This book is a must have for all home cooks wanting some fresh new ideas.’ The Marlborough Express, November 2003
‘Her recipes work reliably every time. Her food is tasty and simple, yet fancy enough to excite and impress. Throughout the book Le Clerc has scattered morsels of sound and solid advice, such as how to, what to substitute, serving suggestions, shortcuts and how to achieve maximum visual impact.’ Evening Standard, November 2003
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2004
Winner – Best book for entertaining in the World (in English)

Feast @ home
Take pleasure in preparing delicious feasts for yourself and for the people you care about. Cook simple, stylish dishes for every occasion, from dinner parties to important celebrations and feast at home with some of Julie Le Clerc’s most favourite recipes. Savour the fragrance and colour that will surround your table.
Book Reviews
‘As always, Le Clerc’s recipes are simple but not too simple, so you can actually enjoy the process of cooking, as she obviously does, rather than just combining a few ingredients…The book is peppered throughout with tips and advice gleaned from her years as a caterer and café owner.’ Otago Daily Times, Sept 2004
‘With the accent on “delicious food and good company”, as opposed to labour-intensive formal dining, this beautiful new book is full of fabulous entertaining ideas for a variety of occasions… Each section offers “smart, practical, stylish recipes” that are impressive, yet manageable and the numerous little tips and ideas that accompany the text are both innovative and helpful.’ Timaru Herald, September 2004
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2004
Winner – Best book for entertaining in the World (in English)