About Julie

"Welcome to my kitchen... for as long as I can remember I have been curious about all things culinary. My passion for cooking began when I was very young, sparked by brilliant and intuitive cooks, such as my darling mother and neighbours from other parts of the world.

For me, one of the most exciting things about cooking is that it appeals so completely to all the senses and is therefore very satisfying in many different ways. I feel incredibly fortunate to have cooking as my career and I approach it with a generous spirit, passionate hands and an enquiring mind."

Julie Le Clerc

Presenter of TV3s popular Cafe Secrets cooking show (now in its second season), author of 14 cookbooks, gourmet traveller, and chef, Julie Le Clerc is well-known for creating innovative flavours and trusted recipes you can rely on.

Julie’s food philosophy is uncomplicated: ‘My cooking is partly inspired, partly invented, but essentially based on fresh, natural, accessible ingredients cooked well to deliver honest, vibrant tastes that are simply made to be shared.’

This award-winning author spends her time writing, cooking, teaching, presenting, and travelling to expand her knowledge of cultural cuisines - her colourful cookbooks recount her extensive travel and taste experiences.

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