Monday, 2 July 2012

Foodie travel tales

I love travelling the world and no matter where I go, I tend to turn my overseas trip into my very own 'gourmet tour'. I figure you've got to eat while away, so why eat ordinary meals when there's so much extraordinary food to be enjoyed?!

So, I've been busy updating the travel page of this blog with stories of some of my culinary travels. Feel free to check out these stories by clicking on the 'travel' page. I will keep adding to my foodie travel tales, from time to time.

But for now, I'll take you inside a cranberry harvest in New England, USA. Then we'll gently glide along the Canal du Midi through Southwest France, eating pastries and local specialty dishes along the way. Next I get a bit more intrepid in India, where I travel from majestic Rajasthan to the Gujarat, ending in Goa.

Eating is always high on the agenda, along with visiting local food markets, meeting artisan food producers, and just generally delving into the local food scene. This way, I find every overseas trip is guaranteed to be a colourful, textural, tasty,
and satisfying adventure!

Dip platter enjoyed in Guatemala

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  1. It's certainly how I pick my travel destinations, local cuisine is my first thought. So many culinary delights to try and how to taste them all at their origin!