Saturday, 23 June 2012

My last supper request...

Inspired by the UK newspaper story (see my post, below) I've been thinking about all my favourite foods and what I would order for my very last supper.  Here's my short-list, but I'm sure this isn't my complete menu, so I may add to it over time. Lucky I'm not on death row, that's all I can say.

My last meal could not take place without me having to travel to the homelands of all my favourite foods. Yes, I know this would mean my last meal would take a long time to complete, but that's one way of avoiding the inevitable ending that comes with a last meal. To be worthwhile, food has to be authentic - that's my excuse for prolonging my final meal, and I'm sticking to it! This way I get to stall for time, stretch out my last meal and truly enjoy every last taste, texture and aroma!

Okay, I would have to start off with a Fattoush salad in my ancestral homeland: Syria. In Syria, Fattoush is tossed with a Pomegranate Molasses dressing, which I think is far superior to the lemon juice versions used in other Middle Eastern lands. I would of course have to be in Syria to eat this wonderful dish, as this amazing stringy cheese they put on top is only available there.

It might seem crazy to go for soup, following a summery salad, but hey, this is my last meal, so I'm allowed to be contrary! Okay, now I'm in a classic bistro in Paris eating the best ever French Onion Soup, topped with the finest gruyere cheese melted lovingly onto thick slices of crusty baguette. 

I would go to Sicily next, to feast on most the tasty little black mussels (only found in Europe, so I just have to be there, naturally). Cooked with a light touch and delicately dressed with the cooking broth and some lemon juice, there's nothing quiet as tender, sweet and juicy as these small mussels.
Next up, I'd be off to India to enjoy this amazing vegetarian curry meal, with all the trimmings. I enjoyed this incredible feast some years back and I really want to repeat it one more time. My dining experience would of course have to include a table strewn with rose petals, as their fragrance adds to the sensual delight of the evening.

I think it's time for another salad now, something light and fresh in the middle of the meal is always good. So I'm off to a Greek island for an authentic Greek Village Salad. The simplicity of salty feta and olives mixed with crisp cucumber and deeply flavoursome ripe tomatoes is hard to beat. Oh and don't forget the oregano to season and top it all off to perfection.
Back to Italy now for some fresh ricotta cheese. I might just have this spread on some local bread almost as a sort of palate cleanser, you understand.

Real ricotta in Italy is sweet and soft, like creamy, cheesy clouds. The stuff we have here is all grainy and nothing like the real thing at all. I would require fresh authentic ricotta so I could also have some wonderful chocolate cannoli (filled with sweet ricotta) as part of my final and most delicious dessert.

 And speaking of dessert, I would of course have to have a plate full of all the many different flavoured French Macarons available from Laduree, in Paris, no less!
I'm sure there's a awful lot more I would need to eat if this was indeed my final meal of a lifetime. Let me ponder this further and I will add the essentials as they come to me. In the meantime, I'd love to hear about the final meal of your dreams. Leave a comment and savour the notion of enjoying all your favourite foods in one meal!


  1. Julie, you could always give locally a shot ...... they have been compared favorably, to Laduree .... although far be it from me to make such claims. Would love for you to pop out to Clevedon Farmers Market one day and have a nibble, or two :)

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